Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Why

For a couple of years now people have been poking me with a stick and trying to get me to blog about all of the weird stuff I get into, the traveling I do, the food I eat and the tattoos that I do. So, having finally succumbed to peer pressure and in an attempt to get over my fear of spelling and grammar picky people here it is.  If you don't like run on sentences, extra commas and weird apostrophes this may not be the best blog for you to read. On the other hand,  if you are interested in what goes on inside a tattoo artists head this is a great spot to be.

Here is a bit of what is happening right now....ready, set, go!

 Hahahaahhahahah and with that I totally thought I just deleted everything!
Thank god for auto save.
Ok, try again, Right now I should be getting ready for the Seattle Tattoo Expo. Probably one of the coolest shows I get to do all year. The amazing amount of talent in that building is just inspiring. Not to mention, I have been doing that show long enough to develop some great clients who let me do cool work on them.
But I have to admit that this convention makes me a bit nervous. All of that amazing talent keeps me humble and makes me push myself and my work in an effort to reach that magical unreachable level of "perfection" And yeah, I am my own worst critic.
Cy and I spent all of yesterday watching Being Human (awesome show) and making merchandise. We managed to get about 100 prints put together and about as many greeting cards. The giclee  place got my painting printed out for me to pick up today so tonight it looks like I will be out in the studio putting the text on it. That means new banner for the show. Woo hoo.
So if you are in the Seattle area August 12th through 14th you should swing by and say hello and check out everything that we have been working on.
I guess that's about all for right this second. I promise they will get a bit more exciting but not enough to land me my own t.v. show.

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