Sunday, August 21, 2011

1 and a half hour paintins. And yeah I mean paintins.

I realized yesterday that I hadn't been able to get out to the studio in a couple of weeks and it was starting to get under my skin. I was worried that if I didn't take measures to get out and paint that quite frankly my hands would cut themselves off and head out there without me. (which would pose some long term problems not to mention be difficult to explain to my clients and create a bit of a mess)
In an effort to avoid all of the above mentioned problems I did a couple of quick sketches on my lunch and as soon as I got home went out to paint.
It felt amazing almost cathartic. I wasn't super emotionally  attached to them so I was able to paint quite a bit more freely than normal. It was great to not have the pressure of a show or it being commissioned work. It was as if I got to do my favorite thing in the world without any constraints, worries or cares.
I did 2 paintings and each only took me about an hour and a half. (I think that I will go back in and do another 15min or so on each. I want to deepen the backgrounds an bit) I didn't let myself get hung up on the details. I didn't worry about color only tone. And you know I am kinda happy with them.
I am thinking that I need to do a couple of these a week just to keep sharp. Remind myself where I should be concentrating  my efforts and what is important instead of getting all hung up on crap that just doesn't matter.
Not that taking forever on a piece is bad or wrong or that I will stop doing just that. But when you have the freedom to move quick it causes your priorities to shift and become simple.
So here is a pic of one of the ones that I did last night....

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