Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Seattle recap....

What a whirlwind of a week. Sorry that I haven't gotten to post anything in while. Seems like there was no down time at all while we were in Seattle.
First off I need to give a shout out to some awesome folks who's awesomeness should be recognized.
Many thanks to the fabulous Cy without who's help running the booth this weekend nothing would have gotten done! 
Also mad props to my girls Sandra and Sabina who helped hold down the other tables and keep everyone working. These folks are the unsung heroes of the convention. The ones who stand at the table for hours on end answering questions (often the same ones over and over again), selling merch and making sure the artists always have a client in front of them. Thanks you three. Great job this weekend!
Secondly I would like to thank my clients who came out for some awesome work. The pieces just kept getting better and better as the weekend went on. I got to add some cool background stuff to pieces that I started last year, rocked a double koi tattoo with water lilies and lastly the life cycle of the western chorus frog.
Also thanks to everyone that have already sent in requests for next year and for everyone who wants to visit in Portland. Some of the submissions are sounding fun. Bats, beetles, flowers and many other fun things.
I just started to type a long drawn out bit by bit explanation of what we did that would have bored you all to death. So I am going to just sum things up short and sweet.
It was the best show that I have done with the best group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being around. We ate good food until we couldn't eat anymore, we drank well and we laughed until our sides ached and tears streamed down our faces. We learned to never steal Josh's cherry, Sabina doesn't get a joke (which is often way funnier than the joke itself) Shawn would kill for cheese curds, Sandra is afraid of heights and water (which is why it is so much fun to put her on a boat and take her to the top of the Space Needle) if it sits still on the convention table Cy will sell it, Jessica will eat almost anything we put in front of her and I learned that I have the best job I could have ever imagined!

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  1. lol @ peanut butter on a beagle :) I think once a week is about right, more if something exciting happens. :)