Sunday, November 27, 2011

This years convention and travel schedule.

I have had quite a few people ask if I am going to be in this city or that. As much as I would love to go everywhere and tattoo everyone I can not. So after much careful consideration here is the slim downed list of shows that I will be doing in 2012.

Miami TattooLaPalooza, January 6th-8th
Guest spot at Eternal Ink in Davie FL right after. January 11th and 12th
Minneapolis, January 13th-15th
Hampton Roads/Norfolk Virginia, March 2nd-4th
Eugene Oregon Ink, April 27th-29th
Seattle this show usually happens the 2nd weekend of August

Shows that I am inquiring about attending
Park City/Layton Utah, August 3rd-5th
London England Tattoo Jam, October
Guest spot at Loose Screw Tattoo in Richmond VA dates pending

Most of you will notice that this is dramatically less than I did last year and far more West Coast oriented. Due to my moms health issues and some major changes in my life this up coming summer I have made the hard but wise decision to stay a bit closer to home.
If you are interested in getting work done at any of these conventions just hop over to the submissions page on the website and send me a message. Please understand it takes me a while to respond to these emails. In most cases I don't even begin to book a convention until about a month out. It's just far easier for me to keep track of everyone that way.
Hope to see some of you on my adventures!

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