Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Putting my art together while simultaneously tearing my house apart.

Yes, I did have to start out my blog by having to google the spelling of a word in the title but come on, how many of you can spell simultaneously on half a cup of coffee? Instant coffee even.
To start with my mom is finally out of the hospital. She was released last Friday. A week before they expected. She hates hospitals so she was very motivated to be out of there. She is at home and doing well.
The only rough bit we had to contend with was a death in the family and the funeral. The services were nice (as nice as a funeral can be) It was good to see family members that I haven't seen in forever. There was a lot of "Remember me? I knew you when you were 2?" ummm no frankly I don't remember where I put my work keys yesterday so what makes you think I remember who the heck you are? That of course came out sounding more like "No, I am sorry" It was kind of like in badly dubbed foreign films where the actors move their lips for 5 minutes and the only word that pops up in the translation is "Hi"
Some cool stuff (slightly stressful) has been going on with art and art related things. I have several projects in the works and some exciting stuff that might happen waiting in the wings.
Right now the big looming project is trying to get the paintings done for the windows of University Art in January. Dave and I have been trying to coordinate this for a few years and I finally committed to a specific date. So now instead of having to do paintings that are 18x24 or smaller I am doing 24x36 and bigger. I was a bit freaked out about where I was going to store these guys and just how I was going to get them sold until I talked with the awesome Bill Shafer at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank. He has agreed to represent my art work and keep a catalog of what I have available on hand for anyone who is looking for something larger that he usually deals with.
I addition to all of the big guys that I am in the middle of I will be participating in a group show down at Hyaena. The show is titled "Noir" and will be a gran collection of some really dark art. Bill challenged us to dig deep into the depths of our psyche and pull out some crazy stuff. I know I did so I am eager to see what everyone else has done.
Now, those things that I mentioned were in the wings...one of them is definitely a go. I just have to get my drawings together and wait for it to be officially launched. The second (super,really rads so awesome that I don't want to make eye contact with it lest it vanish) item is still in the planning stages. And as soon as that gets a little more real/confirmed I will let you all know about it.
Now on to my house....ugh.
The remodel is just now beginning and none to soon. The washer has been limping along and the dryer finally refused to go any further. The oven that heats to what ever temperature it feels like and the dishwasher  doesn't fit in the counters because some owner somewhere down the line didn't set the kitchen cabinets to the right depth, Well, all of that will be a thing of the past by Christmas with any luck. Oh, and that pink bathtub that someone thought was a great idea, that's going too.
So if you don't see me out and about in the next couple of months remember, it's not that I don't love you. It's just that I am buried under a stack of paintings or I have been crushed to death by an avalanche of kitchen cabinets. It could go either way.

For those that may be interested in checking out some great dark art that will challenge you in many ways or if you are interested in getting you hands on one of my originals, here is the link to Hyaena.

If you are interested in a dusty pink bathtub from the 1950's (a great collectors item I am sure) just hit me up!

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